Ransomes Jacobsen welcomes 12 new engineering apprentices to Ipswich factory

Juliet Liddellin Training & Education

Ransomes Jacobsen, has added 12 new engineering trainees to their successful apprenticeship scheme.

Cale McGoldrick, Anthony Squirrell, Billy Lewis, Kian Clarke, Will Knox, Chitiphat Rangphuree, Max Jackman, Joseph Craske, Tyi Denby

The programme is now into its seventh year with 27 local apprentices working through the craft, welding and technical areas of the manufacturing process. The machines the apprentices help build are shipped all over the world and are used at major sporting venues from Ipswich to Dubai.

Passing on the knowledge of their current employees to a new generation is the core of the scheme. Nationwide, it is well known that there is a skills shortage in engineering due to a reduction in large scale manufacturing businesses, with only a small number remaining that use the same core skills as Ransomes.

Simon Rainger, operations director at Ransomes Jacobsen, views the scheme as a long-term commitment to manufacturing in Ipswich and wants it to continue benefitting young people in the area.

He said: "We've been manufacturing in Ipswich for 187 years and we've always employed local people, and we want to continue that with younger generations. We need to develop future experts by learning from our current staff, and that gives young people the chance to learn a valuable skill and build a career within Ransomes where they are highly valued team members.

"The apprentices are very well received in their work areas, and their rate of learning is a direct result of the one on one time they spend with trained staff. They are regarded as essential staff members, and there is no differentiation because they're apprentices.

"To date, the scheme has been very successful, and we're looking to attract a wider range of people with our 2020 apprenticeships. We currently have a particular focus on showing females the career opportunities available within a skilled factory setting because we want this opportunity to be for everyone."

People who are interested in finding out more about the 2020 apprenticeship scheme can contact Jo Barber on 01473 276271 or e-mail jbarber@textron.com