Robo Crop… the Crime busting tractor!

Tim Pinneyin Machinery & Mechanics

Rural crime is a menace right across the whole of the UK, affecting peoples wealth, and inconveniences hard working farmers and other members of the public during the busy seasons as well as creating ill gotten wealth for criminals and with this in mind, Dorset Police are actively campaigning to help to stamp out this selfish and needless crime with a campaign aimed at the public to report all rural thefts in their area, no matter how large or small.

The flagship of this campaign is the launch of the 'Police Tractor'. A Kioti RX7330 tractor loaned by Kioti UK which has been transformed into a police vehicle, complete with flashing lights and a siren and all the decals of a conventional Police vehicle. Now, those of you expecting to see the tractor chasing the criminals across the countryside with siren on and lights blazing might be a little disappointed! The vehicle is designed to raise public awareness to rural crime and also demonstrates that the force are taking the matter very seriously.

Kioti UK Ltd were invited to become involved in the project and their Southern Area Manager Tim Pinney jumped at the opportunity. He said 'We are delighted to assist Dorset Police in their campaign to fight rural crime and to do whatever we can to assist in what is a major national nuisance and inconvenience to decent hardworking people throughout our industry. I hope that this campaign spreads right across the UK. Kioti UK will do whatever it can to assist with this problem and we are delighted to have supplied our flagship tractor to assist in this fight.'

The Tractor will be displayed at shows and other events during the summer and autumn in the hope that it will make more people aware of the growing problem and be the eyes and ears of the police force. Crime can only be dealt with if the police are made aware of suspicious activity. Dorset Police have run a campaign to 'name' their crime busting tractor and a vote by the local public chose the name Robocrop!

Further details of Kioti Tractors are available at their website or contact Patrick Desmond, General Manager on 01480 401512.

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