Rubber Chippings Revolution

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Rubber Chippings Revolution

dunweedin2.jpg is a revolutionary new garden/landscape product now available in the Pitchcare shop. Dunweedin rubber chippings can help transform your garden, arena or landscape into a picture of perfection.

Dunweedin' rubber chippings are non toxic and harmless to humans and animals. They do not decompose like wood or bark and are ideal for landscaping, gardens and play areas, providing weed control and aeration of the soil as well as offering a safe British Standard EN 1177:1998 play grade surface. The colourful rubber chippings have also been used in sports facilities to produce protective and decorative pitch surrounds.

Dunweedin' was used by Kim Wilde in a garden design project for the prestigious Capel Manor College in Enfield. Kim said " Dunweedin' was perfect for our garden, the wide range of colours helped us with our designs. Also, as it's made from recycled tyres, it helps solve a major environmental problem".

The chippings, made from environmentally-friendly recycled tyres, will not sustain mould or fungus growth, nor do they absorb water or valuable nutrients, vital for healthy plants and flowers.

They are available in a range of colours to create attractive landscapes and garden designs, and they are scented with a citronella fragrance to repel cats, dogs and insects.

Bob Jones of Dunweedin' says the product was developed as a direct result of over 30 years of experience in waste recycling and after extensive research by Manchester University into the benefits of using rubber in the garden environment. dunweedin.jpg

"Dunweedin' provides a solution to many of the environmental problems facing society as the UK generates around 60 million scrap tyres per year - from lorries, cars, tractors, planes and other modes of transport.

Dunweedin' is completely safe for children and animals. It works by suppressing weeds, retaining ground moisture, preventing soil compaction and improving drainage - all simple, age-old techniques.

"The chippings do not need to be replaced regularly because Dunweedin' withstands the elements much longer than organic mulches, lasting many years without replacement while maintaining its rich colour. This makes them more economical to use in the long term."

Colours available include teak, blue, sandstone, terracotta, plum and granite.

Sold in 20 x 10kg bags and 500kg bulk bags; bespoke colour designs can be produced for orders over 2 tonne.

Click here to buy or for more information on the Dunweedin' range.

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