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SANLI GS720 generatorAs the nights draw in, the thoughts of many amenity and grounds care professionals as well as home and estate owners invariably turn to the irritation and nuisance of power cuts caused by winter gales, ice and snow.

One way of ensuring light and warmth on the darkest of days, or nights, is by means of a portable stand-by generator that can be moved quickly and easily to wherever emergency or back-up electrical power might be needed.

Outdoor power equipment and engine specialist, SANLI, has introduced two such generators known as the GS720 and GS2400, producing 720 watts and 2,400 watts of electrical output respectively.

The smaller SANLI GS720 generator is powered by a SANLI 2hp two-stroke engine and is equipped with a 240 volt three-pin socket making it suitable for powering stand-by lighting, a microwave oven or a small heater. It can be used also with suitable electric hand tools, grass trimmers and hedge trimmers, extending its versatility beyond emergency applications. A 2.6 litre fuel tank provides at least fours hours' operation from full.

SANLI GS2400 generatorPowered by a SANLI 5.5hp four-stroke petrol engine, the larger GS2400 generator has the capacity to handle much greater loads plugged into a pair of 16amp sockets (1 x 110V and 1 x 240V) plus an additional 12V DC socket incorporating a circuit breaker. Equipped with a 15 litre tank, the GS2400 will run for at least 10 hours before needing to be re-fuelled

Weightwise, the GS720 generator tips the scales at less than 20kg and has a convenient carrying handle built-in to its case. The GS2400 portable generator is mounted within a sturdy tubular frame enabling two people to easily lift and carry its 45kg (dry) weight.

Prices of the machines, excluding VAT, are a remarkable £132.50 for the GS720 and £257.50 for the GS2400. Both models are available now from appointed SANLI dealers throughout the UK and Ireland. Full details and dealer locations on the SANLI website.

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