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The FPT1200P/ATE2 is the newest edition to the SCH waterer & pressure washer range. As the name suggests, this machine features a 1200 litre capacity polyethylene tank, which is internally baffled to safely minimise surge when braking and turning corners. The trailers twin-axle road-legal steel chassis is fully galvanised with over-run brakes, lights and a jockey wheel. Two trailer supports are fitted to the rear, to stabilise the trailer when it is unhitched from the towing vehicle.

The standard model features a choice between a petrol and an electric powered pump. The 12V DC electric pump has a flow rate of 18 litres per minute, and is powered by the towing vehicles power supply. The petrol option features a reliable 2" centrifugal Honda pump, with an adjustable flow rate up to an impressive 450 litres per minute.

As you can see, the petrol pump is offset to the side of the trailer, this leaves room for a pressure washing pump to be mounted alongside. This dual-engine setup is ideal for watering vegetation and power cleaning in one cost saving machine. The electric pump option is best suited for when it is preferable to make minimal noise, such as watering hanging baskets near leisure facilities or offices during working hours.

This waterer features a short hand lance for tubs and beds, and a telescopic lance which can reach up to 6 metres. The telescopic lance is ideal for watering hanging baskets at a height. 6 metres of hose is supplied, and two steel stands are mounted to the side of the trailer, which can be used to transport a significant length of additional hose, if required.

The petrol pumps flow direction can be reversed, making it ideal to fill up the tank in minutes from a water reservoir, such as a lake or a static bowser that's been left to fill up whilst you're out pressure washing.

There are a huge number of variations to this product, including single or twin axle, 900L, 1200L, 1500L or 2000L tank capacities and engine types. As the machine is built in the UK, SCH can customise to your exact specifications.

Contact SCH on 01473 328272, email, or visit their website to find out more

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