Seasonal Requirements for Golf Course Management

Laurence Gale MScin Golf

cover-golfcourse-management.jpgNot one for letting the grass grow beneath his feet, in addition to providing Pitchcare with some golf working diaries, Laurence Pithie has just published his second book of the year.

The book - Seasonal Requirements for Golf Course Management - is an excellent A5 size pocket reference book detailing the key maintenance tasks required for each of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) carried out on a golf course.

The book is aimed primarily for all those who work in the golfing industry in a role managing or maintaining golf courses (General Managers, Owners, Greenkeepers, Deputies, College students).

Laurence was the first greenkeeper to be obtain BIGGA's Master Greenkeeper Certificate in 1991, and he is also winner of both the Greenkeeper and Groundsman of the Year Awards in 1984 and 1988 respectively. He has served the industry for 39 years, working at numerous courses throughout the UK, initially as an apprentice greenkeeper at Bruntsfield Links GC in Edinburgh. For the last 16 years he has been responsible for managing multi-sites with American Golf and Crown Golf respectively.

This wealth of knowledge is clearly evident and shared in this book, with plenty of up to date information on current maintenance practices.

pages2-golfcourse-management.jpgSpring: Transition from Winter

Laurence explains the key tasks to set the golf course up for the forthcoming playing season. Touching on spring renovations, aeration, fertilising, over seeding, topdressing, mowing and much more.

Summer: Peak Season and Performance

This chapter looks at quality of playing surfaces, definition of playing areas, consistency, irrigation/water management and detailed presentation issues.

Autumn: Renovation and Preparation

pages-golfcourse-management.jpgThis chapter looks at the key works required to renovate the playing surfaces (autumn renovations) usually undertaken at the end of September or early October. Other topics discussed are reducing mowing frequencies, closing down irrigation systems, disease prevention programmes and planned winter works.

Winter: Playability and Projects

This final chapter delves into the work practices that ensure the course remains playable during the winter months, when often weather conditions can influence the condition and dictate what work can be done out on the course. Subjects discussed are maintaining dry surfaces, traffic control measures, completion of turfing repair works, woodland/environmental management and machinery servicing / repairs.


The whole book is a concise 50 pages full of tips and advice with plenty of pictures to illustrate the relevant points mentioned. It will be a valuable reference book for all practising greenkeepers and likely to become an industry must have reference book in the future.

Laurence is planning to write a further six books, if all goes well. After spending all his life working in the golf industry his new goal is to give something back in terms of promoting the turf grass industry. With this publication he is going along the right lines.

The cost of the book is £22.00 plus post & packaging

Contact: Laurence Pithie, Turf Master One Ltd 01666 505233 or 07774 414207


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