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Bringing together a unique group of speakers the seminar, given at both, the Reebok Stadium and Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, dealt with all aspects of the problem of growing grass inside ever expanding stadia.

John Phillips, an experienced Architect, opened the seminar by explaining the effect of the stadia building on the environment within. This was further expanded by Dr. Andrew Marsh, who showed the effect of various building options using the latest in computer modelling and graphics.

Dr. James Macduff explained the plant's view of things by dealing with the physiology of grass growth in low light environments; while Mike Harbridge, Andy Cole and John Hacker gave the professional's view on pitch design, construction and maintenance.Mike Harbridge.jpg

The seminar co-ordinator, Gary Owen, of PSD said "from our point of view it was important that this was not just another Groundsmens seminar saying the same old things in a slightly different way. Each speaker had something new to say about the problems with Dr Andrew Marsh's computer simulations vividly illustrating the problem and possible solutions".

The seminar was given by members of the Pitch Design and Performance Team a group of independent bodies offering consultancy services to deal with stadia shade problems. The team includes members of staff from The Centre for Research in the Built Environment, Cardiff; The Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research and Professional Sportsturf Design (North West) Ltd. The Pitch Design and Performance Team can be contacted through John Hacker on 01772 884450 or email

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