Smooth performance from Progressive Pro-Flex 120

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P1020770.JPGCutting large areas productively on the golf course can be a challenge due to the varied contours and the requirement for a quality finish.

The Progressive Pro-Flex 120 from The Grass Group has what it takes to deliver a superb cut on the most undulating terrain, using five rotary decks with independent float fore and aft to closely follow ground contours. Generous cut width of 3m helps the busy greenkeeping team stay ahead of the game, while anti-scalp rollers prevent any damage to the turf on the steepest of descents.

Incorporating the proven pto shaft, running gear and blade spindle assembly from Progressive's Tri-Deck rotaries, the Pro-Flex 120 is built on a full frame to allow mowing to continue while backing up. Solid construction with 5mm deck material and the heavy duty frame ensure a long life with the most demanding of workloads.

Decks are equipped with shock absorbers to prevent bouncing even at cut speeds up to 10kph, boosting productivity while maintaining the quality of cut. The appearance of the sward is enhanced by the high blade tip speed, and an open rear discharge allows for even dispersal of clippings.

Height of cut is adjustable from 20 to 82.5mm in 5mm increments. Outer wings fold to give a transport width of 2.43m, and the three inner decks can be operated in this position, allowing access to more confined areas on the course and giving a 1.83m cut.

Golf course workshops will find this mower straight forward to maintain - decks lift hydraulically and lock into the transport position for servicing, while spindles are greaseable from the top side without removing the belt shields and spindle assemblies can be removed from the deck without disassembly.
The compact trailed chassis makes for easier turning and reversing; power requirement is from 30hp at the pto.

A visit to stand A38 for close inspection of a mower that really lives up to its brand name is a must for course managers and greenkeepers at BTME.

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