Spaldings introduce Handarm Vibration Indicator to health and safety range

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Spald PR HAVi 1110Spaldings have announced the introduction of the HAVi (hand arm vibration indicator) to their health and safety range. The innovative device can be attached to any powered vibratory tool and incorporates the latest technology to measure real time exposure.

The vibration magnitude can be set and the anger time is measured via the HSE points system which alerts the user when the maximum exposure has been reached.

"Health and safety in the workplace is becoming an increasingly important issue for companies and organisations throughout the UK" says Catherine Locking, Groundcare Sales Director for Spaldings. "Employers and employees are now obligated to comply with The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 - the HAVi is a simple and affordable way of ensuring these regulations are met."

The HAVI is self contained and quick to programme with no need for external calibration or computers. The user-friendly device incorporates flashing warning lights which work with the points system recommended by the HSE, when 100 points is reached the light flashes amber and when 400 points is reached the light flashes red. The clear LCD screen ensures that it is easy to comply with regulations as the magnitude, time and points are clearly displayed at all times.

"The HAVi is an ingenious way of managing and monitoring the risks that surround vibratory power tools" Locking says. "It allows for power tool operators to independently and accurately control their vibration exposure and crucially protect them from over exposure."

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