STIHL BGA 86 cordless blower: powerful, light-weight and quiet

James Sherriffin Machinery & Mechanics

The new STIHL BGA 86 cordless blower allows convenient and low-noise cleaning of large areas.

Replacing the popular BGA 85, the new STIHL BGA 86 cordless blower has a blowing force of 15 Newton, is 50% more powerful, yet noticeably lighter and quieter.

Professional and domestic users with larger gardens can benefit from the STIHL BGA 86's energy-saving, low-noise and emission-free performance. Thanks to the moderate noise emission, no hearing protection is required when operating the tool and its use is unrestricted even in noise-sensitive areas, such as densely populated residential areas or in the vicinity of hospitals and retirement homes.

STIHL has also succeeded in reducing the gyroscopic forces of the machine thanks to the compact fan unit that features a highly efficient turbine. This feature, combined with the blower's centre of gravity near to the handle, makes the BGA 86 comfortable to use and allows the tool to be handled with little effort.

For additional comfort, the quick adjustment of the blower tube ensures optimum adaptation to the user's body size. The professional blower from the STIHL PRO cordless system can be combined with all batteries from the STIHL AP series and can also be used in wet or rainy conditions. With the AP 300 battery, the blower provides 21 minutes working time.

The BGA 86 will be available from Spring 2020 and the recommended retail price is £260 without battery and charger, or £520 with AP 300 battery and AL 300 charger.

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