Syn-Pro by SISIS on display FSB

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A range of products from Syn-Pro by SISIS will be on display at FSB, which takes place in Cologne from 24 - 27 October.

Located in Hall 10.2 on Stand G-030 the British manufacturers will be showcasing a range of market leading turf maintenance equipment for synthetic surfaces including:

SISIS Osca 3

The SISIS Osca 3 is a tractor mounted powered oscillating brush with a 1.9 meter working width and is equally effective when used on synthetic turf with sand or rubber infill. The two oscillating brushes stand the carpet fibres up and redistributes the infill evenly, minimising compaction on the surface and improving its performance - giving consistent playing characteristics while preventing pile damage caused by reduced infill levels.

A contributory factor to the reduction of compaction is that the Osca's working width will use fewer passes than other more conventional drag brushes to complete a pitch. Its aggressive brushing action agitates the upper infill level of the surface from side to side as well as brushing forward, helping reduce surface compaction and encourage the fibres to stand up straight which reduces the risk of contamination, drainage problems and leaves a consistent playing surface across the whole pitch.

SISIS Twinplay with Flexicomb and Straight Brush

The Syn-Pro team will also be showcasing the Twinplay Implement Frame with the Flexicomb and Straight Brush. The Twinplay frame is a single pass maintenance system which accepts two implements at any one time and the Flexicomb and straight finishing brush is recommended for both sand and rubber infill surfaces. The Flexicomb ensures even distribution of infill and lifts the carpet pile while the straight brush produces a smooth level and eye-catching presentation.

SSS1000 sweeper

The SSS1000 is a towed sweeper which can be pulled by any vehicle. There are no tools required for the adjustment of the brush or the angle of the draw bar and to make storage easy the draw bar lifts to an upright position. With an aluminium hopper with stainless steel mesh, any infill that is collected when using the machine is returned back down to the surface leaving it free from contamination of debris.

Towed frame with electric lift, Straight Brush and Zig Zag Brush

Designed specifically for regular routine brushing, the towed brush combinations can be used by almost any small ride-on power unit including compact garden tractors. Regular brushing should ideally take place following every 8-10 hours of play, and this combination will thoroughly clean and maintain the surface.

The Towed single frame makes life easier for the operator through the electric lift; the Straight Brush is ideal as a 'smooth finishing' brush and enhancing presentation and the Zig Zag Brush works effectively on both rubber crumb and sand infill.

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