The End of an Era at Millennium Stadium

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Millennium Stadium Posts.jpgThis autumn saw the end of an era at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium when the original Rugby Posts were taken down and replaced with a brand new set ready for the start of the International Series.

The original rugby posts, designed and manufactured by Harrod UK Ltd, were installed in 1999. The aptly named Millennium Rugby Posts were designed specifically for use in Stadium environments, with the Millennium Stadium the first stadium in the world to install them. Today, Harrod UK's Millennium Posts can be found in Stadia across the UK and Ireland, as well as further afield.

Back in 1999 it took ten men with the aid of ropes and ladders four hours to erect the 17m high aluminium posts. Using Harrod UK's uniquely designed Hinged Post Assembly Roller the job now takes three men just thirty minutes. Lee Evans, Millennium Stadium Head Groundsman, explains "A job that used to terrify us all for years has been made much safer, quicker and a lot easier with Harrod UK's new device. We're in total control now whether erecting or taking down the posts utilising our tractor with the Post Assembly Roller".

John Robinson, Harrod UK's Sports Sales Development Manager, was on site to witness the original posts coming down, as well as overseeing the installation of the new posts. "It was a defining moment to see the original posts coming down to be replaced with their current counterpart. Harrod UK are constantly reviewing and improving their product ranges, including the new Millennium Posts which feature improvements to the original design".

Far from being at the end of their life, the original Millennium Posts have been re-installed at the new WRU's Training Headquarters at the Vale of Glamorgan Country Club.

For more information or to purchase, see the Hinged Post Assembly Roller.

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