The Industry's best Hover Mower

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The Industry's best Hover Mower™


The Hover Mowers™ are designed and built to be the toughest and best performing commercial duty hover mowers in the market. Some of the features make them best in their class, having been sold widely as the best selling hover mower within
the USA.

This equipment is the preferred choice for the PGA Tour & Tournament Players Golf Courses and is also used by the National Golf Course Owners Association. This body covers over 5000 golf courses within the USA. These machines are also a popular choice with the major developers including Marriott Golf Proprieties, Arnold Palmer Golf Management and ClubCorp USA.

Hover Mowers™ weigh less than the competitive machines therefore hover more efficiently. They are equipped with larger impellers, which generate more CFA (cubic feet air) per minute. This allows the mowers to float with ease over difficult terrain whist minimizing scalping and requiring appreciably less effort to operate.

With regard to cutting Hover Mowers™ have a 12mm (1/2") - 76mm (3") adjustable cut height, the only mowers in their class offering such a feature. The mowers can be equipped with an aluminum cutter disc and reversible stainless steel cutting blades (trimmer strings and metal edged nylon blades also available). The steel cutting blades offer a clean, sharp cut, last significantly longer and are more economical. An optional lift kit is available to increase the cut height to 100mm (4").

One of the important features of a hover mower is the deck. Hover Mowers™ have the deepest deck design in the industry to allow for a higher cut. The design also eliminates torquing which results from the air circulating under the deck. In a conventional design, the mower has a tendency to move constantly to the left. This would require extra effort by the operator to move the mower from side to side or to keep it on a steady track. The tripod deck design eliminates torquing giving the mower a more neutral stance.

Hover Mower™ decks are made of high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene polymer with UV inhibitor. The material has a superior stress crack resistance and high impact strength. The decks set a new standard for ruggedness and durability.

With regard to the handles Hover Mower™ have extra long 1.32 Metre (52") handles. These handles are connected to the deck using metal connecting plates. This eliminates premature fracture and failure of the deck, which are an expensive and chronic problem with the competition.

Using the latest Honda four stroke engines the Hover Mower™ ensures reliability, whilst meeting the exacting requirements of today's emission standards. The machines are built to cover the modern day health and safety requirements.

As the sole UK supplier of the Hover Mower™, Lloyds chose BTME as the launch pad for this Equipment. There is a special launch offer available throughout spring for Pitchcare members. Further details will be appearing on the site in due course.

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