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The Lawn e-Book

By Laurence Gale


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The book is divided into 6 chapters: -


Chapter 2 Turf Troubles. Describes and lists a series of turf problems. The reader is then directed to the relevant chapters and pages in the book for remedies, cures, advice and guidance.

Chapter 3 Maintenance Procedures. This chapter discusses areas such as the choice of grass species (excellent easy to follow tables are included) nutrition and fertilisation, scarification, aeration, top dressing, renovation, and mower choice and mower maintenance.

Chapter 4 Lawn Establishment. Establishing lawns from seed and turf including site preparation for seeding and turfing.

Chapter 5 Influences Detrimental to Turf. Provides a comprehensive list of pests and diseases with illustrations. Clear, easy to follow up to date guidance on how to manage these problems. All weeds and diseases have excellent colour photographs that can be enlarged easily to aid correct identification.



The Lawn e-Book offers valuable advice and guidance for lawn and turf care, covering all technical aspects of the subject area. The Author has provided an in depth knowledge of procedures, materials, machinery, maintenance and after care management for turf and lawns. There are many high quality photographs and tables.

I am sure that this book will influence and give people the confidence to manage their resources (their lawns / turf facilities) in a more positive way, giving confidence to the reader whilst also a better understanding of the skills and knowledge required to maintain and manage natural turf surfaces. I feel the e-Book will become a valuable and major reference resource for those looking to maintain their lawn easily, quickly and efficiently and for students embarking in the world of Sportsturf in either a Greenkeeping or Groundsman capacity.

I am sure the Lawn e-Book will become a valuable part of the industry, and hopefully will be developed into a hard back book format, enabling it to be placed on most Home-owners, Greenkeepers / Groundsmans book shelves or, better still, become a working companion, always at hand in the form of a pocket hand book.

Other Information:

Book available from the Pitchcare Shop, priced £8.99 plus 60p post and packaging. To order, click here.

Publisher's own review: The Lawn e-Book' on CD-ROM

The Lawn e-Book brings to everyone the experience and insights of a foremost expert on growing and keeping the perfect lawn. It explains the secrets of successful lawn care and has been written to be a comprehensive, useful and simple to understand companion for everyone's garden.

'The Lawn e-Book' is the most advanced and up-to-date product of its kind on the market today. Presented and packaged on CD-ROM in Adobe PDF file format for ease of viewing, browsing and quick printing. This is a must for anyone's collection of horticultural text. With over 80 fact filled pages 'The Lawn e-Book' CD-ROM is the ultimate guide to lawn care and maintenance, its features include:

  • Learn the latest tricks of the professional industry in minutes and produce a lawn that's the envy of your neighbourhood.
  • Follow the easy to use 'calendar planners' detailing all the major maintenance activities and operations required throughout the year.
  • Browse the 'grass species selection table' to quickly identify the right grass species for your lawn and environment. Learn how simply sowing the right grasses can save you time and money.
  • Refer to the detailed and simple to use and understand 'Lawn Trouble Shooter'. This helps you to quickly identify lawn problems whilst leading you to other chapters and pages of the e-Book for explanations, remedies and advice.
  • Find out the facts about each maintenance procedure including; irrigation, fertilisation, aeration, scarification and renovation techniques, the benefits of these. Find out how, and why, we should carry these out.
  • Identify problem weeds, pests, diseases and disorders in minutes using the detailed colour pictures and learn how to easily prevent and control these both culturally and chemically.
  • As a PDF file 'The Lawn e-Book' on CD-ROM may be browsed by the reader on their computer, have selected pages printed or alternatively be quickly printed as a whole text book. The Lawn e-Book is easily navigated and fully bookmarked. All colour pictures can be magnified for more detailed viewing.

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