The newest name on UK golf courses is 100 years old.

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LM2700a.jpgThe Kyoeisha Corporation of Japan has been producing high quality grass- cutting machinery for almost 50 years under the brand name Baroness. The company, started in 1910, has progressed into a major manufacturer of fine turf machinery with a turnover of some $65 million and a stable of 65 products.

For the last 30 years Saxon Industries has represented Baroness in the U.K but in line with plans for international expansion the brand is now to be distributed by Kyoeisha U.K. Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kyoeisha Corporation.

The new company intends to introduce to the UK market the full line of Baroness brand machines over the coming years. The range consists of four distinct series each aimed at a specific area of maintenance for fine turf areas including ride-on rotary mowers, ground management machines, ride-on and pedestrian cylinder mowers, flail mowers and tractor-mounted units. The initial emphasis will be on golf course machinery.

Baroness is already well known for its high quality and reliability, the company philosophy being customers should upgrade when they want to, not when they have to. Quality checks are in place throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest standards and this strategy benefits the customer in the form of a three-year warranty.

With brand new premises just about to open in Basingstoke, the new UK company is headed up by Ian Kerry, a man with over thirty five years experience in the professional turf machinery industry. Ian has visited prospective dealers throughout the UK over the last few months as a consequence of his stands at Saltex and BTME resulting in many demonstrations, site visits and dealer appointments.

Commenting on the launch of his new company Ian said," These are exciting times in the turf industry. Kyoeisha have massive resources with a determination to gain a significant UK market share with products that continue to meet customer's high expectations."

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