The One Show - an update

Dave Saltmanin Editorial

OneShow.jpgFollowing the Trade discussion on the 8th March this year, regarding the 'One Show', there was a second meeting between a select committee from the Trade and the representatives of both BIGGA and the IOG at the NEC on the 28th July.

Whilst it is a difficult subject, and one that has been discussed for a good while, there was a robust and constructive discussion where progress was made.

The conclusions reached and circulated by the Chairman (the AEAs Roger Lane Nott) are as follows:

1. There is a desire for change from company representatives.

2. There is a need for us all to respond to the market and evolve not revolve.

3. There are many different reasons why people go to shows. Amongst these are: regional/local issues, a day out, social, business to sell or buy, education, research, window shop, to promote.

4. Many companies exhibit because their competitors do.

5. The customer base is very diverse and the requirements of any show are different for each company. Amongst the customers are: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, Distributors, Architects, Buyers, Specifiers, End Users, Retail - some national and some international.

6. Diversity not necessarily a good thing, but it does work.

7. Companies need to communicate requirements better.

8. All need to raise profile of industry as a whole with Government.

9. AEA needs to put these views to the larger manufacturers.

10. Need to survey exhibitors to establish customer's requirements.

It was agreed that the IOG, BIGGA and the Trade will come together to address the conclusions of the meeting and explore the feasibility of a single landbased industry show with IOG and BIGGA's full involvement. The next meeting has been arranged for early September.

Dave Saltman

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