The Universal Aerator

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P1010233.JPGThe Aera-Vator is a special line of aerators/ decompactors, designed for very hard soil conditions and the renovation of such areas.

The soil penetrating system of the Aera-Vator uses a series of vibrating tines to shatter the soil, penetrating the hardest conditions up to 8 -9 cm deep. Because of this unique vibrating action the aerator does not need 'weight' to do its job. Therefore it can be used with smaller, lighter tractors without compromising the results.

No plugs or cores are removed, so there is no clean up involved. The soil is loosened by the vibrating action of the tines or fingers, the harder the conditions the more effective the results, however little disturbance is caused to grassed areas.

The effectiveness of the product allows it to be used for pre-seeding preparation, in one pass, or it can be fitted with its own seeding attachment and utilised as an overseeder as well. Other options include a multi-tine shaft, slicing shaft and grooming reel and brush making the unit extremely versatile.

The unique 'swing hitch' also allows the product to turn with the tractor without causing damage to the turf. The unit is particularly suited to aerating and renovating wear on all sports pitches or other 'traffic damaged' areas on turf such as walk off areas on golf courses and temporary or permanent turf areas used as car parks.

In softer conditions the vibrating action can be left disengaged allowing the Aera-Vator to operate as a ground engaging surface aerator or slitter. The product can also be used successfully on rubber crumb artificial surfaces with the addition of the grooming rake and brush assembly - or provide effective aeration, levelling and grooming of sand surfaces such as riding schools.

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