There's only one RTF!

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There's only one RTF!
To ensure there's no confusion as to the authenticity of RTF turf, Barenbrug UK has decided to identify all this unique turf with a special RTF Watersaver wrap.

Already used extensively in the US the pallet wrap will underline that there is only one RTF.

Commenting on the move Barenbrug UK managing director Paul Johnson said: "RTF, or Rhizomatous Tall Fescue to give it its full name, is much more than just another tall fescue. By combining the drought resistance of tall fescues with its self-repairing rhizomes it really offers users so much more. We need to ensure that customers know when they are getting RTF and not confuse it with other drought solving products on the market.

"As well as tackling the drought situation RTF is suitable for areas prone to waterlogging and for soil stabilisation. And with its low water and nutrient requirements, coupled with its rhizomatous recovery it is ideal for use in environmentally sustainable situations."

It is suitable for close mowing down to 13mm and has a low build up of thatch. The hard leaf of RTF encourages the ball on sports pitches to sit up making it ideal for golf course fairways and semi-roughs. Other sports locations such as football and rugby stadiums especially those with a large amount of shade and lack of air will benefit from the strong tensile strength of the plant as this holds the turf together.

RTF turf is also suitable for a wide and diverse range of applications from polo pitches and racecourses to airfields, parks and general landscaping areas, especially where soil stabilisation is required.

RTF turf is available from the RTF Turf Group of four accredited growers: Lindum Seeded Turf Ltd; Tillers Turf Company Ltd; Inturf and Q Lawns. For details on RTF turf and seed contact Barenbrug UK Telephone: 01359 272000

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