Three Rotary knife Decompactors by Earthquake Turfcare Ltd

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Three Rotary knife Decompactors by Earthquake Turfcare Ltd

By Mike Bird

Staffordshire firm, EarthQuake Turfcare Ltd, manufactures three rotary knife-type decompactors suitable for use behind tractors ranging from light-treading compacts of 20hp up to the 100hp agricultural-sized machines used on sportsfield and golf course contracts by firms such as ALS. Known as the Tremor 100 (T100), Tremor 155 (T155) and Tremor 220 (T220), the three machines span working widths of 1m (39in), 1.5m (62in) and 2.2m (87in), offering maximum working depths of 210mm (8.25in), 260mm (10.25in) and 350mm (13.8in) respectively.

All three models follow the same working principles, utilising rotating wedge-shaped knives to break-up soil compaction to depth without causing costly and play-disrupting surface disturbance.

Laid out in a scroll pattern, the powered knives pass cleanly through the turf before easing the subsoil sideways across the machine's full width, in similar manner to a splitter wedge being driven into a log of wood. The cracks and fissures created by the lateral movement of the subsoil encourage the entry and passage of essential air, nutrients and water while promoting good drainage and strong, healthy plant root growth.

The Tremor's ability to leaves the surface in a condition suitable for almost immediate use is a direct result of the knives' sharp leading edge, which ensures clean entry into and through the turf, and the full-width, adjustable depth skid which sits flat on the turf in work to prevent lift, leaving the surface ready for almost immediate use.

The three models have been designed to suit the compaction-treating needs of groundsmen, greenkeepers and turf managers looking after play and sports surfaces across the UK and further afield.




For full information on EarthQuake Turfcare's range of Tremor rotary decompactors and a demonstration on your turf, contact the company by phoning 01889 271509, or e-mailing

Top-of-the-range Tremor 220 is a machine for large area compaction relief behind tractors of 85hp-plus.

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