Top quality presentation is the key at Peppermint Park

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Top quality presentation is the key at Peppermint Park


As he says "Our aim is to attract more long-term private owners and diminish our reliance on the traditional, seasonal customer base. In order to do so, we must provide top quality presentation of the site and its facilities at all times."

To help achieve this, he has invested in a Jacobsen AR3 rotary mower, originally designed as a tee and bunker surrounds trim mower for top class golf courses.

There are 15 private holiday homes on site, plus four Lodges belonging to the business, which indicate Josh Donald's commitment to driving the private owner sector of the operation. In addition there are around 300 touring pitches, with an overspill capacity of 150 more. Of the 26 acres at Peppermint Park, almost 15 acres are turf and these require regular and frequent cutting to ensure top quality presentation.

"In the spring and early summer that means a full days work every other day." says Josh Donald. "However to minimise the impact on our customers the job has to be done well and quickly and the key is manoeuvrability. The AR3 is absolutely excellent in this regard. It can virtually spin on itself, works fast around awkward and sloping sites, cuts and mulches and moves rapidly between pitches."

"Chris, our Park Warden and Dermot his assistant, love the AR3 for its speed, comfort and productivity. I think it should come with a roll bar as standard, but that's my only negative comment."

"We certainly get excellent service from P.J.Flegg, our local Ransomes Jacobsen Dealer. Paul Watson, their Professional Sales Manager, knows the Caravan Park business well and has great experience in the golf sector, so he was the right man to advise us. He worked out a competitive deal, gave us a demonstration, then he allowed us to try the AR3 for the month of April. We were so impressed we kept it!"

Photo: Josh Donald demonstrates the excellent traction of the Jacobsen AR3.

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