Toro irrigation solutions target the growing groundcare market’s interest

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Toro irrigation products respond to the growing groundcare market's interest in looking at effective irrigation for dedicated applications, according to UK distributor Reesink Turfcare.

Robert Jackson, Reesink irrigation sales manager, says: "Irrigation in a grounds setting can be a big and awkward task. The irrigation of parks by local authorities for example, can involve lots of time travelling between controllers and troubleshooting issues. Equally colleges and universities are looking to streamline their systems to reduce water consumption and costs, too."

Lynx Central Control System

The Lynx control system is packed full of invaluable information providing grounds professionals with everything they need to make quick and instinctive decisions to best manage their irrigation and water use. The Remote Access feature means the system can be used and programmed at anytime from anywhere, meaning irrigation control and water management is much more accessible.

Lynx and Infinity sprinklers are widely used together by customers. Used in conjunction these two products achieve optimal precision and efficiency in irrigation and help transform water management routines effortlessly, allowing a greater degree of control. Considering this, it's little surprise Reesink is now seeing its groundscare customers look to optimise water use efficiency with this sort of system set-up too.

Infinity 55 sprinklers

Choosing Toro's Infinity 55 sprinklers with Smart Access means choosing easy maintenance and flexible expansion. The patented Smart Access design means every serviceable element - big or small, mechanical or electrical - is easily accessible from the top of the unit, using just a screwdriver.

Infinity 55s are ideal for sports stadiums, especially on the perimeters thanks to their ability to evolve with the stadium's requirements as technology advances or decisions are made to update the irrigation system. Plus, there's even the option to brand the sprinklers with clubs' own logos.

TS90 sprinklers

The powerful radius of 53 to 95 inches of Toro's TS90 sprinklers are ideal for parks, sports fields and even athletics fields with synthetic turf. Toro's patented Trujectory allows fine tuning of nozzle spray height of between 7 and 30 degrees ensures wind resistance while their back nozzle capability makes them perfect for perimeter placing on sports pitches.

T7 sprinklers with TurfCup

Built to withstand the harsh conditions or grueling use sometimes present in municipal or council environments, sports fields and commercial applications, the Toro T7 rotor has been designed and tested to ensure the highest levels of reliability and durability demanded by the market today. The pop-up units are fitted with turf cups that enable the heads to rest a good 50mm below the surface where they are completely out of the way both of play and turfcare maintenance procedures. In action, the heads project by up to 145mm from the surface, enabling each head to evenly irrigate a span of some 14.1m to 22.9m. Water is evenly applied and the volume can be easily altered to deliver exactly what's required.

Flex 55 sprinklers

Flex stands for flexibility, and when it comes to sprinklers they don't get much more flexible than Flex 55. These dual trajectory sprinklers allow for easy adjustment and economical control. From a full-circle or half circle, or 25 degree to 15 degree angling depending on how windy it is allows irrigation to be specific to seasonal needs, to meet water rationing mandates or to match budgetary requirements.

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