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Bradshaw 035.jpgSCH (Supplies) Ltd have recently completed their first order for John Bradshaw Ltd of Peterborough, who design and build an array of electric tug vehicles.

Bradshaw's had a requirement for eight refuse trailers and a four-wheel steer trailer, which needed to be delivered within a tight time frame. Building to specific requirements is something SCH have a reputation for and were therefore soon able to design and manufacture the trailers, each with an overall length of 2340mm, a width of 1290mm, with a height of 1880mm.

The top section of the cages had to be hinged down for ease of access, as well as the back doors opening on themselves for unloading. Rear tow hooks were fitted so that the trailers could be hitched together in a 'train'. 600 x 9 wheels, running on ball bearings were fitted and the base was made with phenol ply, to withstand rigorous use. When at rest the tow bars can be clipped up, thus avoiding potential accidents.

The trailers were then finished with high visibility yellow paint as an additional safety feature.

For more information on the SCH special build service, or for a copy of their full colour brochure, please call 01473 328272 or visit

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