Trimax attends TGA show after record month

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Palmdale---Turf-GY-2.jpg Mowing systems manufacturer Trimax will attend its first Turfgrass Growers Association annual exhibition in a buoyant mood after its most successful month's trading since the company was formed ten years ago.

March produced the highest monthly sales ever for the company with figures significantly ahead of the same period last year.

The company has seen increased use of its products throughout the United Kingdom in a wide variety of applications in sectors such as local authorities, schools and universities and facilities such as sports grounds, golf and race courses. It has also seen a huge increase in interest in the turf growing sector as a result of the extensive use of its equipment on some of the United States' biggest turf growing farms where the response to Pegasus has been astounding. Experienced turf farmers have been amazed at the machines' performance and their ability to mow at extremely low cut heights when required. Many growers have found the finish produced by Pegasus so good they now use them instead of cylinder mowers for the final cut before harvesting. One owner was so impressed by his first machine that he now owns eight!

"Turf growing is a phenomenal global market for Trimax products and in particular the Pegasus Classic, which is the product we will be focussing on at the TGA show," explained Trimax Managing Director Bob Sievwright.

"It's a product which answers the requirements of virtually any application where managing large areas of turf is key, and it does it quickly, efficiently and to a standard which is as near to that of a cylinder mower as you can get. Equally as important, it does it with a minimum of maintenance time year after year. That's what the US market has picked up on and we believe that is what is at the heart of its success in the UK.

Those same philosophies are built into every mowing product we offer and it is the combination of quality and longevity which are the keys to the growing popularity of Trimax in its UK markets."

Trimax will be demonstrating the Pegasus Classic which is available in either 4.93 metre or 6.10 metre specifications at the event on the 27th June. It is Trimax's largest and most productive mowing machine. This trailed mower features full width rollers for striping, safety and low ground compaction. Each deck floats independently of the others and has tri-axis articulation for superb contour following.
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