Tru-Turf ready to roll away fairway imperfections

Sandy Armitin Golf

Tru Turf FR108 Fairway Rollers on John Deere 7700 Mower
Tru-Turf has started production of their new FR-108 Fairway Rolling Heads. The heads are fitted with Tru-Turf's patented offset smoothing rollers, which true away imperfections with even pressure while maintaining the unique contours of fairways.

They can also alleviate dew and excess water while rolling at full transport speed. Each head weighs 91 kg and features 100mm diameter, 560mm long rollers, in total the heads cover a 2750mm wide swath.

The operator can raise and lower the heads while the rollers are in motion, or simply turn while the heads are still in the rolling position without the risk of scuffing the surface of the turf.

UK Importer for Tru-Turf The Double A Trading Company Ltd are looking forward to introducing their dealers and golf customers to this latest development from Tru-Turf following on from the success of their ride on greens rollers which are a common site on courses across the UK.

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