True story-Bunny starts fire!

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Blazing bunny spreads cricket club fire

By London (Reuters)

A rabbit set alight by a bonfire at a cricket club got its revenge when it ran burning into a hut and set it ablaze destroying costly equipment, the club says.

Members of Devizes cricket club in Wiltshire were burning dead branches when a rabbit caught up in the waste sped burning from the flames spreading a fire which destroyed lawnmowers and tools worth 60,000 pounds.

"After it had been going 5 minutes, the rabbit shot out of the bonfire on fire and went into the hut which is our equipment store," club chairman John Bedbrook told Reuters on Friday.

Two fire engines were called to extinguish the blaze. The rabbit's skeleton was discovered in the charred hut.

"The firemen were certainly concerned about the rabbit. They felt sorry for it," said Bedbrook.

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