Turfmech to introduce surcharge on all new machines

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Austin Jarrett MD Turfmech.jpgTurfmech Machinery has announced that it has been forced to introduce an unprecedented mid-season price rise across its entire product range. The increase, effective from 1 July, will take the form of a seven per cent surcharge on the current list price of all Turfmech and Allett machines.

The company says that exceptional cost inflation over the past five months on steel, electricity and fuel has left it with no alternative but to pass on some of the increases to customers.

"Normally, we would be looking to implement an inflation-linked price rise just once a year in January," points out Turfmech's managing director, Austin Jarrett. "However, since then we have seen the price of steel double and the cost of electricity and diesel rise by more than 30 per cent. Quite simply, we cannot afford to absorb these increases any longer and will be asking customers to pay a little more for their machinery from the beginning of next month."

Mr Jarrett said that Turfmech had been faced by a grim choice. "It was a case of either introducing this surcharge or moving towards restricted work schedules and reduced production before, ultimately, having to lay off staff from every department. We felt that a surcharge on the retail price was the best option as we did not want to tell customers that we could not deliver their machines on time or reduce our levels of after-sales service and parts support at the busiest time of the year."

Commenting on the surcharge, Mr Jarrett said that seven per cent was the absolute minimum needed to keep the factory and its engineering, sales, service and parts departments working normally. Allett Shaver.jpg

"Hopefully, customers will understand our position and will accept that seven per cent is a reasonable amount," he said. "Introducing the increase as a surcharge means also that it can be removed if steel and energy prices fall at a later date."

By making the announcement well in advance, Turfmech hopes to give prospective customers time to finalise their purchase decisions before 1 July.

"Naturally, we will honour at the current price all orders delivered by the end of this month," stresses Mr Jarrett. "We will also be sympathetic to any customer who has placed a firm order but is unable to take delivery before 1 July for one reason or another. Anyone considering currently the purchase of a Turfmech or Allett machine should contact myself or our sales department at the earliest opportunity. Contact details can be found on the www.turfmech.co.uk web site."


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