Two Dennis G860’s are Pride of Top Dutch Club

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CIMG2754To ensure the playing surface at their Euroborg Stadium meets the rigorous quality standards demanded in the Dutch Eredivisie league, FC Groningen have recently enhanced their grounds maintenance equipment with the purchase of two Dennis G860 (34") Cylinder Mowers.

Commenting on their acquisition, Head Groundsman Jan Van de Velden said, "We took delivery of the G860 mowers in July. We work them in tandem and their combination of size and flexibility makes them a very easy to handle and manoeuvrable machine, ideally suited to sand based turf surfaces. Their open construction gives us excellent sight lines for accurate lining up and striping and the three sectioned, cast aluminium ribbed roller gives us positive traction in all conditions without surface marking, when turning.

We opted for the self-steer suspension seat as it gives us a smoother, more controlled turning circle which both improves stability and lowers ground pressure, giving an even better quality of cut. We use the G860's on our stadium pitch on a pre-match, when required basis.

During the growing season this would normally be twice a week and during the playing season we maintain the surface at between 25mm-28mm. The G860's give us a consistent cut quality and height, with the added benefit of rolling of the top surface to produce a visually superior finish.

CIMG2741The range of eleven quick change cassette options, including scarifying and verti-cutting is comprehensive. Initially, we chose to go with just the eight bladed cylinder option but we are now looking to add more to our armoury; particularly a brush cassette option.

We have found the G860's overall performance to be superb. The Honda GX200 easy start engine is extremely reliable, while the low noise levels, low vibration handlebars and latest safety features are all extremely user friendly. The operator controls are excellent, while cut height and blade adjustment settings are quick and simple to change."

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