TYM doubles West Sussex dealer network with the appointment of Rafferty Newman

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TYM Tractors has welcomed Rafferty Newman in East Hampshire to its dealer network, and in doing so doubles TYM's coverage to the groundcare market in the West Sussex area.

Mick Challen, left, owner of new TYM dealer Rafferty Newman, with Reesink's Scott Turner who is shaking hands with Rafferty Newman's Joe Challen

It's not one of the biggest counties in the country, but Sussex has plenty of agricultural and groundscare customers, including private estates, smallholdings and farms in need of a compact tractor, says Mick Challen, owner of the 50-year-strong Rafferty Newman.

"There was a demand to meet in our area. Tractors have been part of our range in the past and after hearing about TYM's reputation for quality, we got in touch with its distributor Reesink Turfcare and joined forces with them.

"Often customers come into the shop without knowing exactly what kind of product they're after but knowing the tasks they need it for. We've previously offered tractors but more recently, while we've been specialising in UTV and ATV vehicles, there have been times when customers' tasks have called for more than a vehicle - for front loaders or PTOs."

Now Mick can cater to these needs again, as he explains: "We now stock the excellent value TS25 with HST and loader, along with the popular T353 manual tractor and mid-duty T433 roll bar tractor, as we thought these would most appeal to our customer-base - clearly we were right as the latter has already sold! It's great to know we can cater to any of our customers' needs and order in any tractor from the TYM range, ranging from 25-105hp."

Scott Turner, southern regional sales manager at Reesink Turfcare, comments on the new partnership: "There's enough of a demand for TYM in Sussex to warrant two dealers meeting it and the appointment of Rafferty Newman ensures sufficient coverage in the area. There are a good many reasons why Rafferty Newman has such a strong, loyal customer-base and we are very glad to entrust them with the TYM brand by welcoming them to our ever-expanding dealer network."

Call 01480 226800, email info@reesinkturfcare.co.uk, or visit www.reesinkturfcare.co.uk

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