TYM in the public eye at three distinguished schools

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Three distinguished public schools have put their trust in TYM as they keep their grounds, which are home to some of the country's sporting successes of the future, in first-class condition.


Brought onto the superb sporting facilities at St Joseph's College in Ipswich is a TYM T433 compact tractor, which tows an aerator for relieving compaction and aiding turf health.

The TYM T433 tractor is powerful enough to pull attachments such as a deep tine aerator without damaging the turf. Head groundsman, Peter Hamilton, says: "In the winter months the aerator doesn't come off the T433. As soon as conditions are right, which is normally around September, we aerate the rugby pitches every three weeks right through to the end of the season. This relieves soil compaction, prevents the ground from flooding and lets air, light and all the good stuff in."

Peter considers the T433 to be an investment for the future: "At the moment we solely use it to tow an aerator, but have plans to invest in a brush attachment for working in topdressing sand and for sweeping morning dew off the outfield in preparation for early cricket matches. We opted for the T433 because of its towing capacity; when we eventually upgrade our aerator, the tractor will be able to pull a larger one with a 1.8 metre working width so we can cover more ground, faster."


Less than a year after purchasing three TYM tractors, Oundle School, one of the UK's leading independent schools, has invested in two more as it aims to create the finest sports facilities of any independent school in the UK.

Head of grounds and gardens at Oundle School, near Peterborough, Nick Tebbs says: "Our existing TYM 50hp and 35hp tractors have proved to be popular with our operatives; head gardener Mark Bird and head groundsman Stuart Palmer. That, coupled with the fact that, after like-for-like comparisons and evaluations against other brands, no other supplier came close to matching the TYM specification, we have purchased two more TYM tractors."

The school has opted for two T503 tractors as it approaches the second phase of its Sports MasterPlan. Stage one included a new cricket pavilion and the drainage and levelling of the school's pitches and now the school has been granted planning permission for a new multi-purpose sports centre. Work will commence this autumn, with completion expected by the end of 2019.

The expectations placed on the performance of the school's machinery fleet will be extremely high, says Nick. However, with TYM having already demonstrated itself to Nick and the team with its: "proven reliability, power-to-weight ratio, first class operator platform with cab air conditioning, great visibility, an ergonomic design that provides excellent working conditions, plus compliance with hand/arm vibration and noise at work regulation," means it is unlikely to be a problem.


Sport is an integral part of everyday life for the students of Ipswich School in Suffolk and keeping the grounds, which is home to some of the country's sporting successes of the future, in first-class condition is no small job. But making that job easier is a new TYM T433 tractor.

With surfaces catering for rugby, boys' and girls' cricket, athletics, football, hockey, netball and tennis, head groundsman Martyn Cull says it's a demanding job to keep the school 'play-ready', which is why a TYM T433 tractor was welcomed onto the grounds at the start of this year.

Chosen for its price and quality, Martyn says the TYM "impressed" in both areas: "We tried a variety of tractors and the T433 stood out from the rest because of its quality and ability to maintain and improve the school's sport surfaces. It meets our needs perfectly and also happens to have a very comfortable cab size."

The tractor was primarily purchased to pull a Toro SR72 aerator across its many sites to relieve soil compaction and improve drainage, making turf healthier, helping it recover from compaction quicker and bringing it back into play faster. TYM is, says Reesink, TYM UK distributor, the perfect choice when working alongside Toro equipment and the design of the SR72 makes life easy by allowing tine depth to be adjusted without changing the angle of entry. By using the hydraulic top link from the tractor while the machine is in use, the operator can apply the ideal tine position for every soil type and condition, without leaving their seat.

But with a range of features and attachments available, the T433 is so versatile it can be put to almost any task and Martyn and his five-strong groundskeeping team have found its optional attachments, such as the front loader and bucket, especially useful for moving vast quantities of soil and leaves.

Having also opted for the snowplough attachment, Martyn says with this the TYM could "prove to be a real life-saver in the winter."

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