Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd introduce new Chito-Flo

Andy Churchin Chemicals & Fertilisers

Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd, are to introduce their new and exclusive product "Chito-Flo" at the BTME show in Harrogate next week. Chito-Flo is a unique blend of seaweed extract, essential nutrients and Chitosan

Ultra Soil Solutions
Specifically formulated for turf applications, Chito-Flo can help guard against stress and enable turf to withstand pathogen attack. The addition of Chitosan represents a unique opportunity for Greenkeepers and Groundsman to make use of the many benefits this remarkable polysaccharide can offer including, protection against frost damage, disease resistance, healthier soil, improved soil biology, deeper roots, longevity of nutrient applications, reduced drought stress, increased nematode management and improved plant regrowth.

Andy Church, Director of Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd commented, "The addition of this product to our already successful range of liquid gypsum and lime, will enable us to further assist our customers in improving the quality of turf surfaces across the industry"

For more information, contact Andy Church on 07835 066439 or email sales@ultrasoil.co.uk.

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