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University Challenge

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A Dakota Turf Tender 412 from Campey Turf Care Systems has gone to the top of the class at Staffordshire University. The versatile unit has been selected by Grounds Manager David Ashley for a wide range of top-dressing and spreading tasks.

The 412 will be used for light but frequent applications of top-dressing, particularly on heavily worn sports turf areas, applying 5-10 tonnes per pitch at a time. The high work-rate machine offers a spreading width of 2-9m and has a capacity of approximately 3 tonnes.

Staffordshire University also plans to use its Dakota for filling drainage channels, dressing Redgra surfaces and synthetic grass pitches, and for spreading salt on icy car parks. A genuine all-rounder!

Revolutionary Recycling


Paul Bradley would not be without his Koro Recycling Dresser supplied by Campey Turf Care Systems. His company, PK Bradley Contracting of Macclesfield, has achieved astonishing results with the unit for renovating sports turf for local authorities and private sector clients.

His RD130 model enables him to aerate, de-compact and top-dress turf with just the one machine, giving speedy and effective results. He overseeds first, and then uses the unit to open up the soil for optimum germination.

Having used the Koro Recycling Dresser extensively last year, Paul describes it as "a real winner as it enables turf to be treated and ready for play in 7-10 days during a warm growing season." He's delighted with the results - and so are his clients.
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