University success for Dennis

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University success for Dennis

Aberystwyth University is maximising the efficiency and quality of its grounds care operations with a new pedestrian mower that does much more than just cut grass. Its new Dennis FT610 accepts quick-change cassette attachments for many essential maintenance tasks.

Deputy Head Groundsman, Huw Evans, explains that the University has bought the machine from their local dealer Major Owen, with a nine-blade cutting cylinder, plus scarifier and verti-cutter cassettes to provide multi-tasking capabilities.

"The cassette concept is a great idea because it gives such versatility. We use the FT610 daily on our ten cricket wickets, four tennis courts and other fine turf areas. We can achieve all we need to do with the one machine, so it was the obvious choice."

Huw says that a pedestrian mower was selected because ride-ons would be too heavy for the fine turf surfaces. "The Dennis is brilliant to handle and is really straightforward to use. The controls are conveniently placed, the handlebars are comfortable and overall it is a strong, sturdy machine."

The FT610 is from a wide range of cassette based mowers from Dennis available from 17" width right up to 34". Aberystwyth's machine is the 24" version, designed to be light in weight, so exerting minimal pressure on the University's fine sports turf.

Aberystwyth University is also achieving impressive time savings with its new machine. "Fitted with the scarifier cassette, the FT610 is really efficient at removing moss and thatch," says Huw Evans. "It has dramatically reduced the number of man-hours required, because previously we had to scarify by hand with rakes."

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