Verti-Top Cleans Up On Synthetics

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7373'Verti-Top'Outdoors.jpgA common misconception is that synthetic turf requires little maintenance. But regular attention is vital to ensure optimum playing performance and durability, and this can be achieved with the new Verti-Top. It is part of a complete family of synthetic turf care equipment from Charterhouse Turf Machinery.

The infill material used in synthetic systems must be kept level for consistency, and the upper carpet fibres have to remain free of litter and leaves to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, as well as potentially harmful fragments like glass splinters.

The Verti-Top achieves all this efficiently and effectively. Its rotary brush ingeniously removes surface litter and the top infill layer, then filters out debris by using a vibrating mechanism. The cleaned infill is then redistributed evenly over the surface, and a rear brush ensures a smooth finish.

The high work-rate machine has a 150cm (59") working width, weighs 340kg and only requires a 25hp tractor with a 450kg lift capacity.

The Verti-Top was previewed at IOG Saltex last September, together with other machines in the new range of synthetic turf maintenance equipment from Charterhouse. Already popular in the US and on the Continent, they undertake all the essential maintenance tasks for this often overlooked aspect of sports ground care.7373'Verti-Top'Indoors.jpg

The machines are grouped into three categories for Daily Maintenance, Routine Cleaning and Contract Cleaning. The first grouping includes the Verti-Broom and Verti-Groom for decompacting infill, plus the Verti-Brush infill leveller. The Verti-Top falls within the Routine Cleaning section, and for Contract Cleaning the Verti-Air unit both cleans and decompacts synthetic systems, with its robust nature making it ideal for contractors.

The machines in the range have quickly established a keen and diverse customer base, including West Ham United, Watton Sports Centre in Norfolk, Boughton Hire of Derby, and contractors such as Barrow-based Courtcare UK, Allsports of Glasgow and Hewitts Sportsturf near Leicester.
To provide the fullest backup, Charterhouse has established a nationwide network of specialist dealers, supported by a dedicated Sales Demonstrator for the machines.

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