Vitax Advance on Leading Wetting Agent

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Ultraflo Advance 10 litre Ray 18.12.09.jpgVitax Amenity's leading, long term wetting agent Ultraflo is now available in a new formulation with a dilution rate cut by over 50%.

Ultraflo Advance retains the same application rate as its predecessor - 50 litres per hectare - but this can now be diluted in just 950 litres of water instead of the former 2,000 litres. This means that more turf can be treated with a single tank saving time, money and water.

Vitax's Commercial Manager Daniel Wilkinson says that although Ultraflo has earned a solid reputation as a highly effective, long term wetting agent which reduces irrigation requirements by improving water penetration, it is the product's longevity that has made its name.

"Ultraflo's main claim to fame is the fact that a single application persists for up to 12 months," he explains. "If the product had a disadvantage it was the amount of water needed for application. With the development of Ultraflo Advance we've kept all the long term benefits of the original, including reduced risk of run-off from sloping ground, flooding and water logging of turf and put them into a much more manageable and even more cost effective form."

Ultraflo Advance is available in 10 and 20 litre drums and suitable for application on both fine and amenity turf.

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