Vitax competition at SALTEX

Carol Duttonin Parks

Size matters for Vitax's Champagne winners

By Carol Dutton


To celebrate the success of their new fungicide, Insignia, Vitax are mounting a "guess the area" competition, with a magnum of champagne for each day's winner.

A large container full of the distinctive Insignia packs will be on display, challenging visitors to gauge the area that could be treated should the total contents be applied to sports turf. Whoever's estimate is the closest to the true figure (in sq metres or hectares) takes that day's bubbly.

Clive Williams, Vitax's commercial manager who is responsible for the idea, says that apart from being "a bit of fun", the competition will bring home just how cost effective the product is.

"We usually expect warm soils and moist conditions in September and October, and we think our customers appreciate the long term control of fusarium achieved with Insignia," he explains. "The competition should demonstrate that a little goes a long way."

Each day's winner will be announced on the Vitax stand F 45 at 4.00pm.

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