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West Hill GC Wash-Off 01(1).jpgWith the introduction of the new EU Water Framework Directive now is the time to plan to upgrade your wash-off area.

Our Waste2Water Recycling Wash-Off System ensures full compliance with this new legislation.

Equipment wash-off, vehicle refuelling, degreasing, chemical mixing and any other potentially polluting activities can all be safely undertaken on the wash pad.

Better still, the Recycling Wash-Off System also reduces wash water usage by up to 90%+!

We design, supply and install everything you need to create your own individual Wash Pad Environmental Activity Centre:
· Recycling Wash-Off Systems
· Chemical Stores
· Chemical Mixing Tanks
· Diesel Fuel Stations
· Above Ground Petrol Tanks

Our Above-Ground Systems allow easy maintenance and the innovative design means you don't need to install our systems in a building or a container. Installation could not be easier, often retro-fitting into an existing area to minimise the budget.

So come and have a chat and arrange a free site survey.

Contact Tel: 01782 373 878
Email; info@waste2water.com

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