Wheelchairs get access to ancient woodlands

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Wheelchair access at Williamson Park (4)
Duncan Ross Contractors - sports turf drainage specialists - has successfully completed a project to improve access for wheelchairs on the pathways in the ancient woodland Fenham Carr area of Williamson Park in Lancaster.

Lancaster City Council commissioned the work to renovate the existing paths and to re-develop a third of the trail to provide access for everyone; young, old and disabled. Installing ramps would give wheelchair access to some of the more inaccessible areas in the park, particularly the woodland.

Elliott Grimshaw is the Duty Manager for Williamson Park "We wanted to improve the existing pathways and make sure that everyone had the opportunity to enjoy every area of the park," he said.

"We approached Duncan Ross with the problems and objectives and he studied the site and came up with the solutions and a plan of action. Duncan is a very experienced contractor and over the last couple of months has transformed the pathways."

Duncan Ross works closely with his team. "Poor drainage had caused considerable erosion of the pathways," he explained "By grading the paths and altering the camber we were able to re-direct the flow of water to alleviate persistent flooding. We could then begin the renovation of the pathway surfaces and correct all the damage."

"It's always a challenge to work in the public arena, but we are very experienced in this field. We have been lucky with the weather and managed to get the paths re-instated very quickly. We endeavour to keep disruption down to an absolute minimum."

All the pathways were cleared of vegetation, and stone added as required to aid the surface water to run off. Edging was laid to retain the soil and prevent future erosion in the worst affected areas. A third of the pathway was completely re-developed. Wheelchair ramps were created and built alongside the existing steps for the general public.

We are very impressed with th

Wheelchair access at Williamson Park (1)
e final results," commented Elliott "The work is of top quality and Duncan's team has performed in a totally professional manner. They are always mindful of the fact that they are working in an area which involves the public and were able to supply us with the necessary risk assessment and health and safety requirements."

"We have 54 acres of beautiful parkland with enchanting woodland walks, play areas and breath-taking views to the Fylde Coast, Morecambe Bay and the Lake District.
The park regularly hosts concerts, plays, courses and children's activities. Now anyone who wants to come and enjoy this natural beauty will be able to enter the woods with ease."

Duncan Ross Ltd specialise in design, construction, renovation and maintenance of sportsturf surfaces and drainage installations. They also undertake projects that include sensitive areas of the environment and conservation.

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