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Pitchcare Facebook Competition

It's a well known fact that our very own Pitchcare editor, Laurence Gale, is very well travelled. Along the way, Laurence has made sure to collect as much memorabilia as possible from numerous trade shows, open days and sports grounds. This includes an array of 100 turf industry sponsored baseball caps. An ongoing question is - how does Laurence finds space for all of these caps, let alone trying to wear them all?

Pitchcare Facebook Competition

This is where our campaign comes in; we are making Laurence wear one sponsored baseball cap to every sportsground, golf club or English Heritage site he visits, where he will take a slightly unorthodox photograph of the venue.

If you can work out Loz's location from the fortnightly photograph posted on our Facebook page, we will enter you into our prize draw where gift vouchers, one year magazine subscriptions or other mini prizes can be won. So, get involved and follow Loz for your chance to win some high quality mini prizes. The more likes, shares and entries we receive the higher the quality of prize.

Also, look out for your photograph on Pitchcare's Facebook. If Laurence visits you, there's the opportunity your team will be featured when we let the Facebook world know Where's Loz and his infamous hat collection.

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