Why prevention is better than the cure for artificial turf maintenance

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Img03_AbtUs.JPGJust as you might have a 'sinking fund' in place to finance the eventual replacement of an artificial sports surface, it is equally important to put funds aside for the ongoing maintenance of your brand new facility.

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than the cure, and Technical Surfaces, the UK's leading synthetic pitch maintenance provider, offers a wide range of preventative maintenance packages to ensure that the right amount of time, effort and funding is invested into maintaining artificial sports surfaces from day one.

"Ignoring the maintenance of a synthetic surface, even in its first 12 months, can affect its longevity," explains Technical Director Jonathan Gunn. "Monitoring the pitch while it 'beds in' is vital; maintaining correct infill levels helps to prevent the carpet fibres from becoming damaged, and repairing minor seam and line failures means such problems can be addressed before they become major issues."

A comprehensive maintenance programme involves drag brushing the surface at least weekly, to help keep the infill evenly distributed, complemented by a series of power sweeps using a purpose-built rotary brush to remove dust and fines (otherwise the infill will begin to harden, with the dust almost acting like cement that will ultimately clog the system, affecting performance and drainage). With longer pile or soccer grass systems, it is also important to 'groom' or rake the surface, which helps to keep the infill evenly distributed, raises the carpet pile and decompacts the infill.

Technical Surfaces also provides specialist maintenance and advice as the dedicated 'maintenance arm' of leading synthetic pitch providers. This 'Partners in Excellence' scheme combines Technical Surfaces' own knowledge and expertise with the 'seal of approval' from the original pitch or court provider, to give customers total peace of mind that their surface is being correctly maintained from day one. The majority of Technical Surfaces' clients own artificial pitches or courts which were installed or constructed by one of the company's Partners, so it is important to ensure that these facilities are maintained in accordance with their recommendations and guidelines.

A successful maintenance programme can help facility owners and operators maximise the return on their investment and enjoy many years of use from their artificial sports surface, delaying the need for resurfacing. To find out how Technical Surfaces can implement the ideal maintenance regime on your synthetic sports surface, call 08702 400 700 and ask to speak to a Technical Manager.

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