Wiedenmann to bring out Terra Spike GXi 8

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Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXi.jpgPlans are afoot to launch a new model of the Wiedenmann Terra Spike™ GXi. It seems certain that the GXi 8 will be launched before the end of 2009.

Chas Ayres, Wiedenmann UK area sales manager, said: "We fully anticipate the GXi 8 to be available this autumn. It's undergoing trials right now in Germany and it will make a welcome addition to the eight existing Terra Spike deep aerators.

The new machine will have a working width of 1.8m and sit alongside the exceptionally popular GXi 6. The GXi 6 has a 1.4m working width which fits to compact tractors from 25 hp and the new machine would need a slightly bigger tractor, likely from 35 hp."

"The beauty of the GXi 6 is that it can reduce time spent on maintenance by up to 60 per cent. It's very efficient and because of it's depth and quality of finish it does away with the need for two machines, operating as a deep aerator, but with the speed normally associated with machines operating at shallow depths," continued Chas Ayres. "The extra width will be attractive to all types of customers."


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