Year round use for Valdor Flex granted

Amy Stintonin Chemicals & Fertilisers

The residual herbicide, Valdor Flex®, has received a label update, extending usage periods and application areas, providing contractors with an opportunity to adopt a flexible approach to weed control.

Lewis Blois, Bayer national account manager

Lewis Blois, Bayer's amenity specialist, says this updated authorisation will allow contractors to adapt their approach depending on weather conditions and weed growth, so they can manage weeds in public spaces effectively and efficiently.

"Valdor Flex® can now be used on amenity vegetation (around), permitting applications to be made around the base of trees, shrubs and other plants in amenity areas, allowing this herbicide to be used in a wider range of situations," he adds.

In addition, this product could previously only be used from February to June, however the application window extension allows Valdor Flex® to be used year-round.

"The new year-round application period allows users to take a different approach and adapt their herbicide programme depending on the weather conditions and weed growth.

"For example, this may mean using Valdor Flex® as a residual control in August to prevent weed growth in the autumn, rather than a spring application of the product in conjunction with Roundup® earlier in the season," says Lewis.

Valdor Flex® is also a great tool to help with resistance management, as it contains two active ingredients with different modes of action.

"This herbicide prevents the emergence of a broad spectrum of weeds for up to four months, reducing the frequency of traditional applications. It provides residual control of the hardest to manage weeds on a wide range of surfaces, allowing contractors to keep public spaces weed free," he explains.

Valdor Flex® can be used as a pre or post emergence application "It can be applied alone on bare ground before weeds emerge or if weeds are already present, it can be mixed with Roundup® ProActive or ProVantage which provides the initial knockdown."

To benefit from these extensions of use, contractors must be using the new product with the updated label.

"These changes to the use of Valdor Flex® will allow amenity contractors to take a flexible approach to weed control, by adapting their herbicide programme to suit weather conditions and weed growth, ensuring they keep weeds at bay in public spaces," concludes Lewis.