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Lerwick Bowls Club

Dennis & SISIS seminar

After embarking on a three-day round journey to attend a Dennis and SISIS bowling green maintenance seminar in Perth, Scotland, Mike Bailey - secretary...

in Bowls - on 20/11/17

Eddlewood bowling club

Hospice bowled over

Eddlewood Bowling Club continued their long-standing support for Kilbryde Hospice by supporting the charity at their popular International Bowls...

in Bowls - on 29/10/17

Chesterfield bowling club data tag 1

Bowling club sexism row

The world's oldest bowling club has been accused of sexism after a member quit when it refused to lift its ban on female members.

in Bowls - on 26/8/17

Moss CloseUp Hand

Moss control

Moss is the bane of many groundsmen and greenkeepers. It will happily grow anywhere; on greens, tees, synthetic and hard surfaces, patios and pathways....

in Bowls - on 14/6/17


Bowls pavilion destroyed

Help fund the rebuilding of Moor Lane Bowling Club's pavilion that has been tragically burnt to the ground

in Bowls - on 23/5/17

2017 bowls seminar data tag

2017 bowls seminars

Dennis and SISIS have successfully kick-started their 2017 series of bowls maintenance seminars, after the first two were recently held at Attenborough...

in Bowls - on 2/5/17

The Dennis Razor: The Ultimate Mower for Wycliffe Bowls Club

Wycliffe invest in Razor

Wycliffe Bowls Club head greenkeeper Keith Freakley and his assistant Raymond John Carter have both praised their recently purchased Dennis Razor Ultra...

in Bowls - on 25/4/17

stb ball bowls

Bowls rink rotation

There’s a good reason the rinks are moved and it would be helpful if bowlers, and especially committees, were a little more supportive in the efforts...

in Bowls - on 1/3/17

ATT Potters Bar

Potters Bar choose ATT

The 6-rink green at Potters Bar Bowls Club is maintained by volunteer Greenkeepers Rod Smale and his wife Sandra. After first seeing the ATT INFiNiSystem™...

in Bowls - on 18/11/16

November 2016 Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

November 2016 Diaries

Pitchcare November 2016 Sports Maintenance Diaries

in Bowls - on 1/11/16

Dennis USBowls

Dennis sponsor US Bowls

Dennis and SISIS have announced that they will once again be sponsoring the US Bowls Championships, which will be held at Johnson Lawn Bowls Club in Sun...

in Bowls - on 21/10/16

Bowls Graden

October Pitch Diaries

October 2016 Sports Pitch Maintenance Diaries

in Bowls - on 1/10/16

HAC Cricket Renovations2

Cricket and Bowls Renos

Symbio’s Martin Ward says that, as our understanding of soil biology increases, autumn renovations may be improved and simplified by adopting new technologies...

in Bowls - on 23/9/16


Waterloo Bowls update

Satisfyingly, the green looks appreciably hungry, Red Thread, caused by the fungus Laetisaria fuciformis, is running through the green indicating that...

in Bowls - on 13/9/16

Bowls TwoFingers

Bowling green renovations

Autumn is a season of great importance for the bowling club greenkeeper. The regular playing fixtures come to an end, so thoughts can now turn to renovations...

in Bowls - on 5/9/16

2. Stadium irrigation

Promote optimum growth

Whatever your sports surface, turf professionals everywhere have water considerations at this time of year and Robert Jackson, Irrigation Manager at Reesink...

in Bowls - on 10/8/16

FitzPark Stripes&Pavilion

Floods of praise

Mike Robertson of Greta Garden Services explains to Alice Northrop how Fitz Park Bowling Club turned things around after the devastating winter floods...

in Bowls - on 25/7/16

Rolls Royce Leisure bowls green

Rolls-Royce of facilities

In Kerry Haywood’s hometown of Derby, Rolls-Royce Leisure has provided the facilities for a better work/life balance and a place for social interaction,...

in Bowls - on 4/7/16


Waterloo Bowls update

Waterloo Bowling Club-Green Inspection 22nd June with Mark Audin and Gordon Butcher.

in Bowls - on 24/6/16

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Irrigation Check List

In this article, Robert Jackson, Irrigation Manager at Lely Turfcare, discusses why it’s time to start applying the same principles to irrigation maintenance...

in Bowls - on 28/5/16