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Pitchcare Merry Christmas

The team at Pitchcare would like to wish all our members, customers and industry partners a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. We hope you enjoy...

in Editorial - on 17/12/13

Scilly Aerial

Living on an island

Having read about the Isles of Scilly Golf Club, here, local journalist, Clive Tregarthen Mumford, offers an insight into the history of the club and some...

in Editorial - on 17/12/13

We Give Up!

Winning photograph

The ninth winner in our monthly Photo Gallery Competition is James Hutchinson of Fairhaven Golf Club, Lytham.

in Editorial - on 12/12/13

tim lodge

One size does not fit all

Dr Tim Lodge believes that framework agreements are stifling competition and creating a ‘one size fits all’ mentality that doesn’t actually fit anyone!...

in Editorial - on 7/11/13


WALL-E or wallies?

The end of September proved something of a conundrum for all sides of the climate change argument

in Editorial - on 1/11/13


New Helly Tech range

As winter approaches, we at Pitchcare are celebrating the launch of our newest Waterloorange of Helly Tech Professional Clothing undertaking our own experiment,...

in Editorial - on 18/10/13


The beauty is a beast!

What does a Playboy bunny have in common with golf on TV? Far too much, argues one American superintendent

in Editorial - on 3/9/13

geoff calcott

Geoff Calcott, one of the most respected people in local cricket, has died at the age of 57. Geoff was a very popular character who touched the lives of...

in Editorial - on 2/9/13

Fatigue or failure?

Fatigue or failure?

I read, with interest, a recent thread on our message board regarding fatigue in the workplace, and it got me thinking; how many sports clubs, schools...

in Editorial - on 2/9/13


Theories and relativity!

Latest report on Global Climate Change leaves many questions unanswered

in Editorial - on 9/7/13

DaveSaltman2012 2

Reasons to be cheerful

A few months ago I wrote, with some optimism, about ‘the green shoots of recovery’ and, whilst our economy remains in the balance, there do seem to...

in Editorial - on 1/7/13


Thin end of the wedge

Should Saracens decision to install an artificial pitch at the Allianz Park be a threat to the natural turf industry? Pitchcare’s Peter Britton offers...

in Editorial - on 29/6/13

DaveSaltman2012 2

Amazed and impressed

This industry never ceases to amaze me, which is probably why I enjoy working in it so much.

in Editorial - on 1/5/13

PC PhotoComp MagAdvert

Photo Competition

£100 worth of Pitchcare vouchers each month, plus the opportunity to win a bumper end of year prize in our Photo Gallery Competition.

in Editorial - on 1/3/13

DaveSaltman2012 2

Yearly thoughts

Borrowing and changing the words (slightly) from Queen Elizabeth II; 2012 is not a year on which I shall look back with undiluted pleasure.

in Editorial - on 1/1/13

jaspers open mick 064

Pitchcare Website

Since we launched Pitchcare 11 years ago, we have endeavoured to bring you news and advice for whichever sports and amenity surfaces you look after. Over...

in Editorial - on 1/10/12


Ten Years celebration

According to the ancient Mayan people, 2012 is said to be the year that the world will come to an abrupt end, with natural disasters, worldwide death and...

in Editorial - on 4/7/12


Water shortage

The coalition Government, and in particular the Conservative side of it, have not had a good few weeks. First we had Pastygate and the ‘hot’ VAT saga,...

in Editorial - on 1/5/12


What Olympic legacy

Is it just me, or will the Olympics come and go, creating nothing more than a few ripples in the annual calendar of sport? I don’t want to rubbish the...

in Editorial - on 1/3/12


Happy New Year

With the presents opened and (hopefully) enjoyed, the last of the turkey in a risotto, the New Year is upon us and, for many, the hope that 2012 brings...

in Editorial - on 29/12/11