1 Greensaver – the organic alternative to water and soil purification

Greensaver- the organic alternative to water and soil purification

By David Saltman

Every once in a while, a product comes along that gets people talking. A product that 'does what it says on the tin' and is almost too good to be true. The 'Greensaver' appears to be one such product.

If your irrigation water contains antagonistic bacteria or harmful blue or green algae which then go on to create problems in your soil and turf. If your water holding tank linings are encrusted with algae and accompanied by a rather bad aroma. If you have a worm problem, including nematodes. If you have unsightly green algae on your pathways, walls, or other stonework. If you have a thatch problem, a black layer problem or anaerobic conditions in your soil, the 'Greensaver' is one system you should be talking about! The system also has an effect on the bacteria that cause 'dry patch.'

Eddie Seaward of The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club was one of the first to see its potential when he purchased one a while ago. The problem they had at Wimbledon was that their water holding tanks contained many antagonistic bacteria, the water smelled bad and the lake on top of 'Henman Hill' was infested with bacteria and algae. The stonework surrounding the waterfall was discoloured green with algae. The problem was at its greatest during the summer when algal blooms obviously increase. With the tournament being held in the summer, it was imperative that the problems were tackled.

Within hours of installing the 'Greensaver,' the water in the holding tank and the tank lining began to clear until the bottom of the tank could clearly be seen. The bad smell lessened and disappeared. The lake also cleared until the fish in it were clearly visible and the stonework surrounds were bereft of unsightly green algae.

When the system was turned off for a period of time, the problems quickly returned.

Peter Craig of The Hurlingham Club is the latest beneficiary of the 'Greensaver' system. The problem Peter had was that the filters on the pumps used to extract irrigation water from the lake were constantly being fouled by algae. Also, the irrigation water used on all the pitches and courts was corrupt with harmful bacteria. The pumps needed to be turned off and the filters extracted and cleaned up to three times a day.

The problem stemmed from a high organic matter content in the lake, with dead leaves and bird droppings. The smell from the lake in the summer was overpowering.

Again, and within hours of installation of the 'Greensaver' system, the water around the pump inlet pipe began to clear and the smell began to dissipate. Since installation, the pump filters have not required cleaning once.

Manufactured in Germany (to the highest of standards) where water quality control legislation demands the purest of water, the 'Greensaver' is the perfect solution to the problem of eradicating harmful antagonistic bacteria and algae from, literally, anywhere!

Granted an 'Organic' licence by the E.U., the 'Greensaver' system eradicates bacteria such as E.coli, Clostridien, Coliforms, and sulphur reducing bacteria that cause 'bad egg' smells. It sanitises water to a zero bacteria count.

The system has also been proven to significantly reduce thatch, black layer and anaerobic conditions. Used as an alternative to the suspect 'worm control' products currently being offered, this system guarantees to bring to the surface every worm that was in the treated area.

The 'Greensaver' is a wall mounted reactor that produces a liquid solution called 'Biodyozon'. This liquid is obtained by passing mains water through a salt bin, softening it and then passing it through a reactor where a patent electrolytic process takes place.

The cost, once the system has been purchased, is just 0.01p per litre of Biodyozon produced. One litre of Biodyozon will treat up to 1,000litres of 'dirty' water. The cost to treat one hectare for worms works out at about £9.00.

Purchasing the system includes a two day visit by a water purification technician from Germany, who ensures the correct fitting of the system which comes with a two year, unconditional guarantee on parts and labour. The system is self-maintaining so no servicing or maintenance costs!

We, at pitchcare.com, were so impressed by what we have seen and heard about the 'Greensaver,' that we have hooked up with its U.K. importers to help promote it. Any such system that negates the need for harmful synthetic chemicals and solves so many of the problems our industry experiences for such little cost, and actually works, is worth singing about!

If you want one, it can be fitted within two weeks of your order!

Further information will soon be available in our web site shop, but if you require a face to face meeting, please call us on (01902 824392) to arrange a visit by the U.K. importer.
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