0 How To series - basic maintenance of a solenoid valve

Our How To series continues in the irrigation sector with Wesley Henshaw, National Golf Sales Manager for K.A.R. UK Ltd and the basic maintenance of a solenoid valve.

Here, Wesley gives us a step by step guide to ensure you get the best out of the valve for a long period of time. This can be used in any application such as greens, tees, fairways, football pitches or anywhere that requires a solenoid valve.

Quick checklist:

  • Turn off the valve from the mains - to stop water coming through once you take the valve apart
  • Remove the solenoid. This will release any pressure so be careful
  • With a screwdriver, evenly loosen off all the screws surrounding the valve, carefully remove the body and place to one side
  • Take out the spring and remove the diaphragm. This is what we need to particularly look out to ensure there are no cuts or abrasions and it's clear of any debris. As it's a perishable item, this will be the first thing to go on the valve (but can easily be replaced)
  • Check the plastic around the seating area, to make sure there is no debris, as this can affect the valve
  • Put each piece back in place - ensuring everything is sitting correctly
  • Then, you can put the solenoid back on and open the valve to pressurise the system
  • When you are back up to pressure, carry out a manual test before replacing the turf

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