0 How To series - step by step guide to strip down a sprinkler

In the next irrigation video in our How To Series, Wes Henshaw, National Golf Sales Manager for K.A.R. UK Ltd, gives a step by step guide on stripping down a sprinkler.

Quick checklist:

  • Remove the riser
  • Check inside to ensure all areas where the seals sit are clean - take a bucket of water if you're out in the field
  • Make sure the system is de-pressurised
  • Take out the bottom valve
  • Check the mechanism - particularly the seals to ensure they're not damaged or full of grime
  • Clear away any debris from the rock screen
  • Check there is no debris in the Pitot tube at the bottom
  • Once it's all clear, put the device back together
  • Follow the manufacturers guide and line up the tube with the Pitot tube in the bottom. Make sure it's all secure
  • Put the riser back in, ensuring you locate where the nozzle is firing
  • When it's all back together, re-pressurise the system

All the information provided is transferrable across all sprinkler types.

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