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In this first article, we introduce our three students, who explain why they are taking their chosen courses, what they think of the industry they work...

in Training & Education - on 12/2/07

worms 2

There is some controversy regarding the worm control products that are used in the turf industry today. This article is intended to help clarify some of...

in Industry News - on 6/2/07

tcm rag1

Invasive Species?

It seems that you can’t open a paper or journal recently without reading doom and gloom stories about our country being taken over by invasive Species....

in Consultancy - on 1/2/07

Crawley 2

Blind Bowling

The Crawley Labour Club and Blind and Disabled Bowlers, were both formed in 1996 and played on a green provided by the local council at West Green.

in Bowls - on 29/1/07

Richard Campey

Twenty Years in Turf

Richard Campey started his working life in farming before taking a career change to join ICI. In 1976, as a 22 year old, he moved to SISIS working under...

in Industry News - on 22/1/07

Dave Roberts

From Dell Boy to Saint

We have a problem with drainage on the pitch at St Mary’s, Southampton. The pitch is built over a gravel raft/carpet with drains laid every 3m below...

in Football - on 20/1/07

bromsgrove pitch

130 Fixtures and Counting

Bromsgrove Rovers is a busy football club run on a tight budget. They rely heavily on volunteers to carry out the work in and around the ground, including...

in Football - on 18/1/07

lighting 3

Dealing with the problem of light pollution from a sports lighting installation involves identifying the sensitive areas around the facility and limiting...

in Industry News - on 15/1/07

concord sign

Plane sailing

After 24 years working in the private school sector (20 years at St Edmund’s School Canterbury and 4 years at St George’s College Weybridge), I decided...

in Industry News - on 15/1/07