Soil pH Meter

Soil pH Meter

The pH meter is an electronic instrument used to measure the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of soil.

Make quick and simple assessments on your nutritional and PH needs, and even moisture levels with this easy to use pH meter.


Soil pH Meter with Inbuilt Moisture Sensor

Compact and easy to use for quick assessment, with carrying case.

Each plant and type of grass develops better at certain pH's.

Obtain more aesthetically pleasing grass and plants by monitoring the pH levels of your soil, meaning you can act accordingly to any changes in pH.

PH testing only takes a few seconds to check a point in the soil and it can greatly increase health and development of the growth of grass and plants if you act on the readings of the pH meter and in extreme cases save plants and grass from certain death by alerting you at early stages before problems start to occur.

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