5,000 not out

Dave Saltmanin Editorial

5,000 not out


Not very often do we blow our own trumpet, but today we just can't help ourselves.

Today (18th June), at precisely 7:06 pm , we were proud to welcome our 5,000th member.

Exactly 20 months and 18 days after our official launch on the 1st September 2001.

And how about this for growth!

1,000 members on 14.3.2002 - 6 months 11days

2,000 members on 25.9.2002 - 6 months 17 days

3,000 members on 12.1.2003 - 2 months 18 days

4,000 members on 31.3.2003 - 2 months 19 days

5,000 members on 18.6.2003 - 2 months 18 days

Since January 1st this year we have had 2,089 new members. We are on course for a staggering membership increase of over 300% during our second year of operation!

Word of mouth is still our highest source of new members, so our sincere thanks to all of you who continue to spread the good news.

Dave Saltman

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