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Wessex ProLine RMX professional roller mowers have steadily built a loyal following for cutting sports pitches, playing fields, golf courses and council maintained amenity areas.

In fact they are working anywhere there is a large area of grass to be cut that demands a finish equal to the traditional cylinder mower on fine turf but without the associated running costs.

So popular are these mowers that Wessex has developed a whole family in various configurations and sizes, from the rigid deck to the massive eight metre Tri-Deck.

The smallest member of the family is the RMX-180 with a 1.8m working width that nonetheless has all the features and benefits of the larger models yet with a minimum power requirement of just 30hp.

Three rotors spin at high speeds beneath a superbly crafted mowing deck to take on semi-rough grass on the golf course, large lawns at private estates and small contract work.

At 2.54m wide the Wessex ProLine RMX-240 is the widest fixed deck roller mower you can transport safely on UK roads.

Perfect for contractors and councils looking to travel between mowing jobs without incurring costs of a folding wing model, yet still offering a 2.4m cut width, the RMX-240 is Wessex's most popular roller mower and came out top in independent testing.

At just over 3.1m overall width the Wessex ProLine RMX-300 is the largest rigid deck mower in the range. Ideal for use on football pitches, sports fields, parks and corporate gardens, the RMX-300 has a minimum power requirement of just 55hp.

Running five precision spindles beneath the durable deck, and with a cutting width of 3.0m the RMX-300 makes mowing a professional football pitch a quick and smooth operation, with an excellent finished result.

For cutting large areas take the bigger members of the family, the folding wing roller mowers which can be safely transported on roads, making them excellent tools for councils and contractors.

You can choose from the RMX-360 3.6m or the version on a ProGlider fast tow chassis or the even larger 5.6 metre Tri-Deck to reduce mowing time and increase output and profitability.

Built in the same tradition that stretches back fifty years in terms of quality, durability and the finish they bring to cutting grass, you will find no electro-hydraulics are required and there are no electric clutches.

The transmission system allows wings to be engaged and disengaged whilst in work, without a clutch mechanism. Wing control is independent, they are operational with one wing lifted, and the folding wings can cut gradients from -30° to +30° with the middle deck remaining on level ground.

There is independent float on all decks and the linkage system allows the rear deck to follow the direction of travel, minimising tyre and roller scuffing.

The Wessex ProLine RMX Tri-deck mowers are the ultimate in wide area mowing. The RMX-680 6.8m is the ideal choice for councils, contractors, sports complexes or any other large amenity areas.

Then there's the daddy of them all, the RMX-800 eight metre Tri-Deck roller mower. Certainly, the facility for wide area mowing offers cost-efficiency and each deck on the triple mower has full width rollers at the front and rear that restrict airflow, where the high speed blades create suction beneath the deck chamber in which the uncut grass is sucked up by the blades, leaving a superb quality cut at high speeds.

Above all, says Wessex, servicing and maintenance are easy, reducing costs substantially compared to the equivalent in cylinder mowers.


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